Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 - Part 2

Hello again..

Okie so its been more then 30 days since we closed our eyes for 30 seconds.. hehe.. nyways what did you see… Whats your resolution for the year ? How do you imagine yourself on 31st Dec 2010?

Did you see yourself actualizing your dreas.. getting admission into your dream college,, IIMs anyone ?? getting that much awaited role or rather designation or is it hike ? Some of you might have visualized themselves as more fit and healthy, some may have joined some new institute, working for your dream company - new job, traveling to your favorite holiday destination etc etc The list of our dreams is endless…. And it should be also, no I mean it.. When we dream and visualize them - the probability of achieving them increases manifold.

When I closed my eyes, I saw smiles everywhere…. I saw everyone I met, met me with a smile…. My heart took me to my dreamland or was it heaven, here everyone is busy, living life to the fullest {Live It For Ever}.. I just want to distribute happiness and smiles to those in destitute..

I am sure somewhere deep in your heart, even you feel this way…. Don’t you ? cmon, I can see your nodding head… ;) So this is what we want.. now lets see how can we achieve it… talking in professional language – lets draw an implementation plan.

But before that, a have a small story to tell you.. in fact its not a story, it’s the situational dilemma we encounter every day….

Situation: The vehicle in which you are travelling for your routine travel is suddenly stopped. It’s a traffic signal and a small kid from nowhere appeared next to you.. He is trying to persuade you to shell out some bucks. Yes he is begging – begging for food or money, on pretext of being hungry since days..

What do you do in such a situation?

Action 1 - Lift up window glass button to roll up the glass or simply turn around to stare at red light or look at the vehicles nearby.

Your mind attempts to convince your heart “Good, you did not give money to the kiddo, discourage begging. One day his parents shall realize that all he needs is books, toys and not the small broken bowl to beg”

Harsh Reality: Unfortunately neither the kid nor his parents understand our far sightedness, he cribs and moves ahead to the next vehicle in anticipation of optimism.

Action 2 - You opened your wallet, found a Rs 2 coin, you gave the coin to the kid.

This time your heart attempts to convince your mind “Good, you gave money to the kiddo, he is hungry and now he can go and have food.”

Harsh Reality: The money you gave will get passed on to his parents and he will again continue the same story next day.

Irrespective of weather we give money or not, our target is not met.. Kid does not get to eat food or smile back at you… is this the reason why they say that even money can’t buy happiness??

But I quote that whoever said money can’t buy happiness, perhaps did not knew what true happiness is…. Confused ?? ok… here comes a third Action which one can take -

Action 3 - You opened the case of your vehicle or may be your bag… took out a toffee and handed it over to the kid.

You did not do any thing new, instead of giving money you gave him something which he likes… and to all the money conscious people – a toffee in India costs just 50 paise, even today.

Pleasant Reality: The kid opens the toffee immediately, and puts it in his mouth… I can say it with 200% surety that he will smile back at you and you will always be remembered with happiness in his memories…

No this is not some theory that I am preaching.... I am following it since past few months and my experiences have been heavenly wonderful. Just as you, I also do not promote beggary but when I roll out the glass in front of a beggar, my heart cries out, and criticizes me of not returning back my share to society and mankind. I feel disgusted for not bringing smile on those impoverished faces, begging in front of me. Just because today God has blessed me with materialistic pleasures and intelligence to understand the negativity begging brings, I can not percept myself as GOD.

Well this is my way, this is my style.. and I shared it with you all in anticipation that you may like it….. I am not sure how far have I succeeded to put forth my idea and how much did you like it but I urge you that do give this a consideration…

N yeah do not forget to share your thoughts with me. I am eagerly waiting for your reaction.

Do Take Utmost Care of yourself as you are very precious.

Keep that 1000 watt smile on ..! {always}



Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 - Part 1

Haaaaaaaapppppppppppy New Year 2010….

{I agree that its already been more then 60 days past new year, but I can owe the delay of this post to my work.. So much to do with so little time. . nyways I am not gonna crib about it.. better late then never :) }


Another year added up in the count of our stay of being alive…

Another year that promise us some more vivid experiences on earth..

New Year celebrations, viewing the making and breaking of our resolutions…

Days that will vouch for happier times and elated surroundings..

Hours, that may witness the shadow of gloominess…

Lips that will stretch wide in momentary joys with ebullition…

Eyes bidding adieu to its pearl in extreme moments.. etc etc

Another year being presented as unpredictable but yet seems so friendlier…

I sincerely hope wish and pray to almighty that 2010 give us the vision we all need to actualize our dreams…. Amen

Lets close our eyes for 3 minutes, and try to visualize how we would like us to be on 31st Dec 2010… seems weird to imagine future but lets do it….fun of life is in doing weird things.. isn’t it… ok ok eyes closed and direct your mind or heart (whichever dominates in your case) to take you to 31st Dec 2010.

what did you see?

.. to be continued..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vernika Decides to Die

Hello hiye,

Good Evening..!!

Sunday will be over in just few minutes and this time I have spent the whole weekend at home.. no no I have not become boring but its just that these days I am a lot into thinking / reading mode. A lot many things happening around and I am just trying to keep pace with them.

Last week, I finally got the opportunity to read Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho. I have been searching that book since long and finally when I got it in my office library, I was overwhelmed. It took me 4 days to finish the 200+ page story. How much do I long for more free time in office :(

Anyways, as always it’s just another master piece of Paulo. Hats off to him…!! Once again, I am deeply impressed with his writing skills. Sometimes I wander what exactly goes in his mind which makes him think such vivid thoughts and put them wonderfully in words. The book leaves a long lasting impression and I am still floating in those words.

The lead of Veronika Decides to Die, Veronika (so obvious) tries to commit suicide and as destiny would have it, she got escaped from death. This book talks about her life’s journey through the remaining days in a mental asylum. Her suicide attempt left her with a weak heart which can stop functioning any moment. Since she knows that she has only few days left, she does all that her heart desires, without thinking of after effects. She knows that she would not be there tomorrow to face the consequences, and hence she lives every moment to the fullest. She expresses her feelings, she smiles, she cries, she does all that she feels is right at the MOMENT.

The crux of the novel is that the closer we get to death, the more we realize life’s worth. We don’t value what we have till the time we are on the verge of losing it or we lose it. How ironically true..!!

I often wander why so? Why is it that we hide our true self? What stops us from expressing us? Is it the fear of rejection or the fear of not getting an expected reciprocation? Unfortunately, till now, no one could give me a satisfactory answer for this.

In any case, aren’t we the losers by keeping our thoughts, our true self to ourselves? No I am not just talking about that peculiar relation of a boy with a girl, it’s wrt each and every person we meet everyday. How often do we tell our parents that we love them, how many times do we tell our siblings that they matter, and do we say our friends that they are the reason behind our smiles. Have you ever told the cook that his culinary skills are behind your filled tummy and smile? Have you thanked your teachers that they made you what you are? Have you expressed your gratitude towards your boss, your team, your colleagues etc? Are you telling your friends that you miss them and those old days?

Do you always speak all that you feel or do you choose silence over the words that can make a difference?

Unfortunately the answers are not pleasing enough. :(

So lets make a pledge today, to speak all that we feel before it gets too late to speak. Lets forget what we should and what we shouldn’t. Our minds do not have the deem required to think. If our heart can feel it then we should be able to word them too.

Lets express our true inner self and lets make the day of everyone around us. Lets own their days, oops their moments and smile.

Don’t just smile but make others smile too..!!

Have a wonderful day ahead,


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Another Day..


Good Evening..!!

Last few days I was so engrossed with code snippets, environment documents and other environs that I almost lost connection with my own self. I found myself lost in worldly desires and situations. I was stretching myself, in order to please everyone around. My actions were no more my own, but were influenced or shall I say commanded by people who mattered and even those who were just voyagers like me.

Mirror showed me a different image,
One that wasn't mine
Its eyes weren’t sparkling and face was dull as coal.

Signs of worries were embedded,
On its forehead
It did not even evinced my sense of extol.

How could that be my reflection?
For it isn’t smiling
Profusely flowing tears have spread its kohl.

It looks like a loser, about to shatter,
In its shroud
Someone who has rambled, without life’s goal

Is it my duplicate, yeah, must be
My look alike…
Or does this mirror reflects me my own soul.

The silent dark corners of my room got my stare during those sleepless nights. I was astonished at myself.

I asked myself, weather the passion to enjoy each moment diminished, died or is it just an illusionary moment? How can I actually become a puppet of surroundings? I am not just a soap bubble blown in the direction of wind about to be burst? I have always written my destiny and will always continue to do so. I am a rising sun and my dawn is bound to come tomorrow & ever & forever…

And it did came.... The cycle of dawn and dusks continue to come, the only differnce is i am a sun during dawn and moon during dusk.. I rise high, high, very high... yet to touch the pinnacle..

Life Is Beautiful…!!

Keep Smiling,

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bangaluru and me..


Well, i had been quite busy with work of late :( . I even travelled to bangalore for two weeks and no, i am not really happy about that. For a mice like me, staying away from family is like a fish staying away from water. But it was the demand of the hour and my work, so i had to agree and leave my dear delhi and my life, my family, my friends behind and fly to a new nest for few days.

Here comes my experience at Bangalore, which ironically was exactly opposite of what I had expected… May be because I had no time to roam around and see the actual bangaluru and all I saw were few software engineers, trying to get their bugs fixed..

BangalorE WitH my EyeS

In this silicon vally of india,
No one stops for rest and relief.
Everyone seems so engrossed,
I wander, when do they breath.

Concrete roads are fully loaded,
Audibility confines to horn's sound.
All i can see here is, these robotics,
Expressionless faces moving around.

People here are the busiest,
A smile is not free anymore.
Those elated moments of life,
Are lost in my days of yore.

Take me away from here,
For I have nothing left to do.
I am all alone here, with me,
My solitude has left me too.

This Bangalore trip is now buried down in my memory lane. And after being back to Delhi, with my family I feel resurrected.

Looking back at my trip today, i do miss some bits of bangalore in delhi. The amazing weather and the wonderfull empire juice shop of EGL food court have taken my heart away.

Also the solitude of bangalore gave me the oppurtunity to know myself better, To stop for a while and observe the surroundings, To live each moment with passion driven by heart. The small time slot left was enough for me to catch up few books and analyse the worldly situations too.

So just stay tuned for my views on my latest reading list. ..

Till then,
Keep Smiling

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hi guys,

In GITA, Lord Krishna enlightened his disciple Arjuna with the deepest secret of living life:

“Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma Phaleshu Kadachana"

Perform the task at hand whole heartedly and do not anticipate the future.

But how many of us do actually implement this in our life? How many times do we live for the moment? How often do we get driven by our own selfish demeanor? How frequently do we succeed in separating our today from tomorrow’s shadow and enjoy the present.

Retrospection of our own past would exhibit occasions when our actions were dependent on desired future. Moments of life which we just survived through, instead of living this exquisite gift of GOD. Those are the times which bring KASH (“I wish”) in our life. Kash, we would have decided to live those moments as well, without worrying about future.

I always strive hard to preclude the existence of KASH in my life. I never regret. I strongly believe that Life is all about living and not surviving - to live each moment to the fullest and create memories to cherish forever. To touch the heart of everyone I meet and make their day by making them feel, how much special they are.

Let’s live life independent of past and future considerations. We don’t know what surprises tomorrow has in store for us - it could be as bad as the recession phase that we are going through or it could be as good as winning a jackpot. But we know what we can do today to make ourselves happy. So, do what you know and smile.

Lets LIVE in present and revel life..!!

A life lived in moments would eliminate Kash from your life. By choosing and living in present you will get all the happiness and peace that you have been looking for. We choose our present and bring good and bad times in it. No one can make you upset till the time you allow that person to have that effect on you. No one can hurt you until you yourself give him/her the privilege to do so. Similarly nothing can bring happiness in your life, until you feel happy with that. Those joyous moments of life are chosen and brought by you only. Quite strange but quite true.

We walk through the journey of life alone but give everyone a remote to operate us. To control our moods - to make us angry or happy or even to make us cry. How weird it is that - A stranger who just overtook your car wrongly, whom you have never seen before and whose name is also unknown to you can make you angry and spoil your day. Anyone and Everyone, who crosses your path, can treat you like a toy without any force. Think about it.

It’s your life and you get only one chance to live it. So just bury all the regrets (Kash’s) (if any) you have so far, and start afresh. Visit all the places you want, Learn all the things you desire, Meet all the people you like, Revive those lost friendships, Do all that you have been willing for, Listen to your Heart, Love your surroundings and above all Love Yourself. So that at any moment when you look back to your life, you can claim that you have lived as you wanted and you have NO Regrets in life..! Your have cherished the gift of almighty.

Always remember “I am WhaT I am & WhaT I WanT to BE”.

Another gem out of my poem’s diary ::


When sorrow puts you down or evil comes your way,

When life looks gloomy and you get astray.

When you feel lament and have a thirst for tears,
Don't get disheartened and stop making blares.

These clouds of dismay if you want to hide,
Then just stretch your lips a little more wide.

Give a smile to yourself and the world around,
Feel the elation in you as well in surround.

Sorrows are dew drops and smile morning sun,
Power of light will surely make you stun.

So do smile my dear, today tomorrow and forever,
It will give you pleasure in your future endeavor.

Live your life without KASH..!!

EnjoY EacH MomenT & KeeP SmilinG


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

एक बार पुनः


Today i was just browing through old mails, and found my old poems diary... thought about sharing it with you here comes one pearl out of the ocean...

I wrote this poem when i was around 10-12 years old.... Saw almighty in dream one day and captured it in words.... for forever

एक बार पुनः

छाया था चहुँ ओर अँधेरा, जाने क्यूँ भय मुक्त थी मैं
खुली हुई थी पलकें मेरी यधपि, सुप्त थी मैं

पलकों की कतारों पर, जागी थी नीर प्यास
तोड़ हृदय की कैद को, घट घट मैं हुआ तेरा वास

तू ही आया नज़र मुझे, जहाँ भी गयी दृष्टी
तेरा साया लग रही थी, मुझको यह संपूर्ण सृष्टि

तेरी समक्षता का यकीन, दिया था दिल ने मुझे
अंतर्मन की रूह ने भी, महसूस किया था तुझे

अश्रू मोती नयन बंधन से, मुक्त हो गए बिखर
अधरों की मुस्कान ने, छूआ सर्वोच्च शिखर

शब्द नहीं थे लब पर, मगर चाह थी कहने की
थम गया था वक़्त भी वहीँ, छोड़ खूं बहने की
खूं - आदत /habit in urdu

तेरे समीप आयी थी मैं, अनेक प्रश्नों को लिए
गले लगी थी जब तेरे, मेरे आंसू धरा ने पिए

चूमा था मस्तक को तुने, देकर आर्शीवाद कई
वचन दिया था संग रहोगे, दिखाओगे राहें नयी

मगर अचानक हुआ यह क्या, उजाला उजाला छा गया
मिटाने इस अन्धकार को, शायद सूर्ये आ गया

सूर्ये के स्वागत हेतु मैंने, बिछा दी अपनी पलके
मगर यह क्या, क्यूँ फिर से यह नयन मेरे छलके

निगाहें गयीं हर दिशा में, मगर नज़र नहीं आया
तुझे तलाशा हर ओर मैंने, मगर कहीं नहीं पाया

शायद देख रही थी स्वपन , मैं जागती आँख से
छू रही थी आसमान को, पेड़ की शाख से

खवाब था हकीकत नहीं, अक्ल दोहराती रही
तनहा हैं राहें सभी, मुझको समझाती रही

मैं नहीं जानती खवाब था वो, या हकीकत का अर्श
है याद मुझे अब भी मगर, तेरा वो स्पर्शः

गर था वो खवाब कोई, तो क्यूँ है मुझको तेरा अहसास
और अगर थी वो हकीकत, तो क्यूँ नहीं तू मेरे पास

ऊतर इन प्रश्नों का मुझको
दिल ने बस यही दिया है,
एक बार पुनः तुमको पाकर
मैंने तो खो दिया है..

Have a gr8 day
Keep Smiling Alwayzzz